Morning fun

I’ve been battling a stupid tooth ache for a few days and yet I still have done my workouts!

If you think life will wait for you to feel better it will not! Give every day your very best and love yourself to the brim. I was in so much pain for a few days that I could do nothing but sleep.

Be thankful that you are alive awake alert and able to move. We underestimate the pain of people who cannot move and spend all of their time in bed . I think we don’t consider how quickly things can change.

God has given each of us a life and we choose to live bitter upset and un- thankful.

Today decide that no matter what life holds you will learn to see all the good things instead of the bad

Fit Not Skinney


lot of people equate fitness with being skinney.. and other people think skinney means beautiful. As a woman who is very hippy I really think that is wrong.

Let me be very clear I don’t always eat correct or exercise. As I look back I do know that I have tried my absolute best to be active and have a good healthy diet.

When I was a teenager I was slender.

As I look back I realise the stress of my first marriage caused the weight to stick.

If you look at me now you will say she doesn’t look fit.. but guess what?

I was a very large woman I wore a size 24.. and was close to 400 pounds.

Every time I look back and think of that girl I once was I am very greatful. I was very depressed , never consumed fruit or veggies. when I look at magazines I just say wow!.. there is no way these women are the only picture of fitness!!!

I want to encourage my readers and followers to take a look at some of the pictures of women who are healthy and not just skinney.

Give yourself room to grow, but also give yourself a pat on the back.. I want you to know you are beautiful because you try.. because you don’t give up.. and because you are smart and kind

No matter what you do. Do it with all of your heart.. and trust yourself. Your body can do amazing things

You will lose the weight!!

You can do this!!

You can make good for choices!!

I’m rooting for you!!

Also let me tell you I could never have done any of this without my supplements they help the body recover from all of the damage once done.

I can show you some great supplements that I absolutely adore😍

As I grow in this business of fitness I realise that my clients need me to help them find the best that I can within them and pull it out.

Go to and check out the vitamins I use to stay full of energy and clarity. You’ll be happy that you did!

Be on the look out .. I will be adding some fitness videos and resources absolutely free!!!!!

Remember fitness is about the condition of your body, not the shape of it.


Getting to the real issue

It’s funny how small things can just set you off. I mean, when I’m having a day it seems to never end.

I recently realized that I am so unhappy with my life right now that I notice everything that could be different..big and small.

I am not saying I hate breathing , bit man I am having trouble on all sides and need to make some changes

I have settled in life and sold myself way too short and I’m just now seeing the results of that

This blog is not just about physical fitness. I am determined to get down to the bottom of why I am not happy today.

And I see that some changes that are gonna happen are gonna pis some people off. But I still gotta make them anyway.

Life is short even if you live 100 years.

I know I’m loving below my best and I know this is the beginning of some major changes in my world.

Cut the hair

On my fitness and life journey I notice that my hair was always holding me back. I know it seems silly but I’m being honest.. my hair is long and thick and frizzy so I try and keep it done and when it gets really long its just that much more annoying.

My whole life as a black woman people put so much weight on having long hair.. it was competition between me and my two sisters it was the thing that attracted most men to me.. and it just became fearful to cut.

Today I cut a lot of it off and I feel amazing..I just had to..

First it’s my hair then what next will do to make people like me..I hate who I’ve become and it’s not just about my hair.

With this small step I will start being who I was made to be.

I am utterly done with trying to make others like me or stay with me..or approve of me..I owe no one anything

I am a special kind beautiful smart woman..I am 38 and I am sick of shrinking back to please others.

This time I choose me.

Have a great evening and if you happen to read this you be sure to choose yourself too.

No more pleasing people

Taking me for granted

I swear I truly take myself way too seriously! I am so uptight all of the time and I cause my own issues most of the time. do you ever just take way too long to do a blog post or a video or is it just me?


I take my time with everything and usually never get to it!

Today I am gonna just write what I think and what I feel. I am gonna eat some food and workout and just be. I know that I am wasting my time some days and yet feel as if I just cannot stop it

Don’t think because you see a cute photo or a new blog post that I am crushing it. I go through depression sometimes, I deal with anxiety and isolation, and I often times wonder if I made the right decision by starting my home based business. but every day I get up I have another chance to try again

I literally take me for granted. my feelings my desires everything. and when I do that I stop my own success and dreams and I hurt my future

I will try harder and give myself a chance, may we never get caught taking ourselves for granted ever again



7 things I hate about food

1. I hate that food tastes so good!

Why is food so good? I mean, we should be eating to fuel our bodies and yet it always tastes way too yummy..I need them to stop genetically messing with my taste buds

2. Why is food sold so many places?

There should be a per state limit to grocery stores and restaurants..we don’t need a Panera, Dunkin, and Starbucks in a one mile radius! NO!

3. WHY do we need so many different manufacturers of the same food? Seriously..enforce a limit.i really need to simplify my choices! Why does bread have to even have so many categories…don’t get me started in cereal .

4. Why, why, why, is everything almost everything processed in a plant with nuts! There are so many people with nut allergies..this is just wrong ! Why are there food regulation companies and health departments? Well because people are greedy and skimp common sense to make a dollar, that’s why.

5. Oh boy you’re gonna love this one; why? Is it that certain amounts of puss are legally allowed in milk? Why is our food and government industry encouraging humans to drink it? We are the only species to drink another species milk and to do so after infant-hood!

Probably because they needed to figure a way to get money from the entire cow.


6. Why do we have a food pyramid that tells is to use fats and sugar sparingly but a government that allows mass production of it? #NUFFSAID

7. WHY is the government so concerned about obesity, cancer and healthcare now that they are the ones paying for it….wait ..why was it that you let rat poison..wax..foam…and other toxic carceneginic poison in our stuff when we where paying our own health insurance?

My point for this is to show myself that food is fuel and not’s not meant to be ..super scrumptious and super delicious all of the time.. you see food is to keep our body healthy and us from dying as humans

We turned it into a leisure sport..with our overindulgent ideas

My fitness Goals

Hello lads and ladies😁

I have been experimenting with some great products and I found a great one that I am seeing some awesome results with!

First let me say…this stuff is power packed and is premium nutrition

Let me just lay out my day for you

1. I get up I take 1 capsule I shower get dressed etc.

2. I put in the patches in the system as directed

3. I drink the shake

4. I set out my gallon! Yes gallon of water for the day

5. I go walking/jogging for up to 45 mins

6. I have a protien shake throughout the day and maybe fish for dinner if I am hungry

7. I work on my business, chill, sleep, repeat

Now, I’m gonna show you some pictures of me before and after 😁

These photos are one month apart😁

These results are crazy considering it’s barely been a month😁😁😁😁😁😁😊

Goodbye fitness fear hello new me!!!