Quit already

Do you ever feel like you have the worst life ever? Everything goes wrong that can and when something good happens that’s a surprise?

Ha! I’ve been there. Now look, everyone has bad times and life can be terrible with the timing of it all. 

There Are all these studies about your thoughts being tied to what kind of life you’ll have. I am gonna have to agree.

You see, if you want to quit any old answer will do. But when you want to win all that you need is one reason!!! Yes just one!

Life is gonna get hard that is a guarantee! 

Stop giving yourself reasons to quit. Because if you decide no reason is enough ..no button can be pushed, no circumstance is bad enough.

Doing this will make you a success!

If you’re like me all you want is those small successes. Like eating right, sticking to my workout, getting a project completed.

Some things can’t be avoided , but to have a thread of failure is not a consequence it is a choice. At some point we must quit already with the quitting!!!

1 thought on “Quit already”

  1. Yes yes yes sometimes I do but I always change my mindset.. Now I just tell myself that being a quitter ain’t gonna help you girl!! Stay positive, focuaed, motivated.. Play some good music, take a shower, gym, eat, talk to your most positive friends.. Anything to get you back !!!


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