7 things I hate about food

1. I hate that food tastes so good!

Why is food so good? I mean, we should be eating to fuel our bodies and yet it always tastes way too yummy..I need them to stop genetically messing with my taste buds

2. Why is food sold so many places?

There should be a per state limit to grocery stores and restaurants..we don’t need a Panera, Dunkin, and Starbucks in a one mile radius! NO!

3. WHY do we need so many different manufacturers of the same food? Seriously..enforce a limit.i really need to simplify my choices! Why does bread have to even have so many categories…don’t get me started in cereal .

4. Why, why, why, is everything almost everything processed in a plant with nuts! There are so many people with nut allergies..this is just wrong ! Why are there food regulation companies and health departments? Well because people are greedy and skimp common sense to make a dollar, that’s why.

5. Oh boy you’re gonna love this one; why? Is it that certain amounts of puss are legally allowed in milk? Why is our food and government industry encouraging humans to drink it? We are the only species to drink another species milk and to do so after infant-hood!

Probably because they needed to figure a way to get money from the entire cow.


6. Why do we have a food pyramid that tells is to use fats and sugar sparingly but a government that allows mass production of it? #NUFFSAID

7. WHY is the government so concerned about obesity, cancer and healthcare now that they are the ones paying for it….wait ..why was it that you let rat poison..wax..foam…and other toxic carceneginic poison in our stuff when we where paying our own health insurance?

My point for this is to show myself that food is fuel and not fun..it’s not meant to be ..super scrumptious and super delicious all of the time.. you see food is to keep our body healthy and us from dying as humans

We turned it into a leisure sport..with our overindulgent ideas

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