Cut the hair

On my fitness and life journey I notice that my hair was always holding me back. I know it seems silly but I’m being honest.. my hair is long and thick and frizzy so I try and keep it done and when it gets really long its just that much more annoying.

My whole life as a black woman people put so much weight on having long hair.. it was competition between me and my two sisters it was the thing that attracted most men to me.. and it just became fearful to cut.

Today I cut a lot of it off and I feel amazing..I just had to..

First it’s my hair then what next will do to make people like me..I hate who I’ve become and it’s not just about my hair.

With this small step I will start being who I was made to be.

I am utterly done with trying to make others like me or stay with me..or approve of me..I owe no one anything

I am a special kind beautiful smart woman..I am 38 and I am sick of shrinking back to please others.

This time I choose me.

Have a great evening and if you happen to read this you be sure to choose yourself too.

No more pleasing people

6 thoughts on “Cut the hair”

    1. I’ve chickened out for months now and it just came after a stupid argument with my husband I just got tired of being agreeable.
      I want to be me.. I get one chance to make an I’mpact…

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