Getting to the real issue

It’s funny how small things can just set you off. I mean, when I’m having a day it seems to never end.

I recently realized that I am so unhappy with my life right now that I notice everything that could be different..big and small.

I am not saying I hate breathing , bit man I am having trouble on all sides and need to make some changes

I have settled in life and sold myself way too short and I’m just now seeing the results of that

This blog is not just about physical fitness. I am determined to get down to the bottom of why I am not happy today.

And I see that some changes that are gonna happen are gonna pis some people off. But I still gotta make them anyway.

Life is short even if you live 100 years.

I know I’m loving below my best and I know this is the beginning of some major changes in my world.

2 thoughts on “Getting to the real issue”

  1. Very brave of you to admit this. Many people go through the motions and pretend to be happy in life when they are not. The first step to change is acknowledging that there is problem. You’ll definitely reach those goals!

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