Fit Not Skinney


lot of people equate fitness with being skinney.. and other people think skinney means beautiful. As a woman who is very hippy I really think that is wrong.

Let me be very clear I don’t always eat correct or exercise. As I look back I do know that I have tried my absolute best to be active and have a good healthy diet.

When I was a teenager I was slender.

As I look back I realise the stress of my first marriage caused the weight to stick.

If you look at me now you will say she doesn’t look fit.. but guess what?

I was a very large woman I wore a size 24.. and was close to 400 pounds.

Every time I look back and think of that girl I once was I am very greatful. I was very depressed , never consumed fruit or veggies. when I look at magazines I just say wow!.. there is no way these women are the only picture of fitness!!!

I want to encourage my readers and followers to take a look at some of the pictures of women who are healthy and not just skinney.

Give yourself room to grow, but also give yourself a pat on the back.. I want you to know you are beautiful because you try.. because you don’t give up.. and because you are smart and kind

No matter what you do. Do it with all of your heart.. and trust yourself. Your body can do amazing things

You will lose the weight!!

You can do this!!

You can make good for choices!!

I’m rooting for you!!

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Be on the look out .. I will be adding some fitness videos and resources absolutely free!!!!!

Remember fitness is about the condition of your body, not the shape of it.